Our All Extensions Open Sourced

Due to lacking of people for maintaining our products, we open sourced our all extensions. You can find them from Github, and we are welcome any contribution.

ACE X Markdown Editor


Asikart Markdown Editor helps you writing text in well-known markdown syntax, and render to HTML in front-end article.

This editor integrate "ACE syntax highlight editor" and "MarkItUp tags insert editor", easily edit plain text. In the front-end, using PHP Markdown Extra to render syntax, provide extended features from plain markdown syntax.

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Asikart RemoteImage

Asikart-RemoteImage-LOGO-SQ-300-whiteAsikart RemoteImage helps you manage image and media files on local and remote FTP host.

RemoteImage Powered by elFinder, you can batch upload, create folders, resize & crop images and insert multiple images to content editor.

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Asikart QuickContent

Asikart-QuickContent-LOGO-300Asikart QuickContent Generator auto generate content and menus VERY QUICKLY by writing HTML "<ul>" list.

You can choice "Blog" or "Category list" as menu view type, and setting params of generated menu.

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Asikart UserXTD

Asikart-UserXTD-LOGO-sq-alphaAsikart UserXTD Extends Joomla! user profile with a powerful form constructor.

100% integrate with Joomla! core registration, and you can override com_users pages.

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Asikart Quickicons

Asikart-Quickicons-LOGO-white-bgAsikart Quickicons is an easy use extension to customize your Joomla! cpanel quickicons.

You just need to upload images and setting icons in Asikart Quickicons component, then add new akquickicons module in admin module manager.

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